Community Outreach

To complement its online efforts, HADI is periodically involved in community outreach programs in Los Angeles and other cities that improve the basic knowledge of average Americans about Islam and enhance cultural-religious awareness about Muslim American communities.  HADI strives to create opportunities for honest dialogue and healthy, civil  debate to promote cross-cultural understanding and overcome stereotypes that communities may harbor about one another.  HADI has worked with universities and educational institutions, cultural centers, interfaith groups, law enforcement, and public agencies to engage specific communities and the general public.

In light of the specific needs of Muslim Americans seeking to live a balanced, moral, dignified and committed life, HADI facilitates local community-based family services, such as family counseling and matrimonial services.

Furthermore, through the HADI Outreach Center, HADI operates a telephone helpline to answer inquirers’ questions about Islam and Muslim life.  The helpline serves as an excellent, personal tool to help correct common misconceptions about Muslims and as a forum for the open exchange of ideas from people of all faiths.  The HADI Outreach Center receives 3000 calls a year on average.

The Outreach Center also oversees the ICMarriage Services, a matrimonial search website and related offline events such as mixers and training seminars.