West Africa Food Fund

Project Name


Project Name: Food through Education – West Africa
Established Since: 3/29/2010
Purpose: Our goal is to increase the self-dependence and income earning potential of individuals and households by allowing poor students access to nourishment and education.
Budget: On Going 

If you give a man a fish, he will have food for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, he will have food for life.

Just like learning how to fish, increase in a person’s level of education creates a long term impact. We have witnessed time and time again the positive impact of one college graduate, who is able to secure a good paying job on the entire family. It can in fact help reverse the cycle of poverty for the entire family!

Five out of ten regions in Ghana have more than 40% of their population living in poverty. Significant gaps exist in access to basic services for the poor particularly with water, sanitation and education.

IslamiCity is working with the ILM Foundation of Ghana & Sierra Leone to provide poor students in Ghana access to school and college education.

Among other things, our scholarships help cover the students’ cost of tuition, uniforms, books and one daily meal for school going students. 

In addition, our local community partners in Ghana, such as The Muslim Women Graduate Association, mentors and monitors our middle to high school students. They review grades, attendance and community activity to ensure the students’ college entrance applications are competitive. 

Our program targets high achieving students who have already been accepted into college or graduate school or who are forced to leave school because they cannot afford the school fees. 

Help deserving students in Ghana learn ‘how to fish’ so that they can help themselves and their families for life by giving them access to high school and college education!

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