Systems Analyst (Culver City, CA)

Design and develop learning MGMT software using multi-tier web architecture. Devise or modify software components to solve complex problems related to learning management industry. Prepare detailed specification from which any web content management software will be written. Analyze and revise existing system logic and documentation as necessary.  Gather, analyze and design program requirements. Develop and program software components on any stage of software cycle. Evaluate processes and methods used in existing software, proposes modifications, additional system components to meet user needs as expressed in specification and other documentation. Salary $ $71,510 /year. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science with 2 years of experience as a Systems Analyst and must have working knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint.

Mail resumes to: Human Assistance & Development International Inc. (HADI)

Attn: MA, 5860 Hannum Ave. Culver City, CA 90230