India School Fund

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Project Name: Slum Kids School – India
Established Since: 4/13/2009
Purpose: Provide education opportunities to children in the slum areas of Bangalore, India.
Budget: On Going 

Bangalore, considered the Silicon valley of India, has large slum areas where children have no opportunity to get an education. Most children in these areas are forced to start working as early as seven years of age as office boys and shop helpers.

A group of concerned IT professionals established this school project to fulfill a pressing need to help children in these slums in acquiring an education particularly in the field of information technology. Goals of this project are:

  • To keep children in school until they graduate.
  • To educate the children in the field of IT.
  • To assist graduates in procuring jobs.
  • To provide positive role models to the future generation.

This project is managed by MITET – Momin Infotech Education Trust

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